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MD Passes “Mutual Consent” Law Allowing For Expedited Divorce

Not all marriages are made in heaven.  Some couples divorce due to extraordinary circumstances, others happen because couples grow apart.  As such, the divorce process can differ, like with a mutual consent divorce.

Every state has different rules on what couples must do before they can end their union.  Under Maryland divorce law, couples seeking a no-fault divorce previously had to be separated for a full year.  However, a new Maryland divorce law allows for an expedited divorce under certain circumstances.

A Look at Maryland’s Mutual Consent Divorce Law

The MD Mutual Consent Divorce law, which took effect on October 1, 2015, allows married couples to qualify for divorce by “mutual consent” when:

  1. They have no minor children in common; and
  2. They have a signed, written settlement agreement covering both alimony and property rights that they submit to the Court; and
  3. Neither party asks the Court to set aside their written settlement agreement; and
  4. They both appear at the uncontested divorce hearing.

Note: In 2016, Maryland updated its divorce rules which is especially helpful in uncontested and mutual consent divorces. Read more about the elimination of the need for corroboration. 

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