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Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

Domestic violence and child abuse are the most serious situations we face in our practice of family law in Maryland and D.C.  We take our commitment to this area of our practice very seriously. When we encounter a situation involving domestic violence or child abuse, we can take immediate steps to help protect you and your children.

The Threat of Domestic Violence or Child Abuse

When you are being victimized or threatened with domestic violence or child abuse, our attorneys can take a variety of steps to help ensure protection.  Immediate protection for you and your children is always our first priority. One of the initial processes we can pursue on your behalf is to seek protective orders from the court also known as restraining orders.  Our goal is to establish a safe environment for you and your children as soon as possible. When children are involved we can also petition for custody to ensure safety of the children. Our family law attorneys have experience in Maryland and D.C. working with the courts and Child Protective Services to get you out of harm’s way.

Many victims are reluctant to pursue protective orders due to financial fears, especially when the alleged abuser is the sole source of income.  Legal remedies are available in these cases. The Court can award emergency family maintenance while legal processes are underway. Use and possession of the home and motor vehicles can also be granted to the victims.  Our family law attorneys will counsel you and help establish adequate financial arrangements.

Protecting Yourself from Accusation

As a firm dedicated solely to family law, we often encounter situations where there is an accusation of abuse.  Sometimes these accusations are frivolous and only made to gain the upper hand in a contentious divorce or custody matter.  The Court takes these accusations very seriously and views them with the gravity they deserve. They should never be taken lightly.  Aside from the obvious criminal implications, they can wreak havoc on many different aspects of your life. If you are a licensed professional, such as a doctor, accountant, or attorney, these accusations may result in suspension of your license; if you hold a security clearance it may be revoked.  The result can deprive you of the opportunity to earn a living in your chosen profession. Abuse accusations may also have a major impact on your divorce and child custody proceedings.

Our family law attorneys can assist people accused of marital or child violence.  We assist with preparation of court interviews and Child Protective Services. In cases of false accusations, we will help to prove that the accusations have no merit.  In the unfortunate situation where there is actual violence or abuse, we will help you get the necessary counseling and rehabilitation while also working to minimize the long-term damage.

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