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Child Visitation Lawyers

Whether you need an attorney to help establish an initial visitation or access schedule, someone to assist with modifying an already established visitation or access schedule, or someone to represent you in a complex relocation case, you will need an attorney with experience in Maryland or D.C. Because we only manage family law matters for clients, our attorneys are ideally suited to handle your visitation issues.

D.C. & Maryland Child Visitation Attorneys

Few things matter as much in the dissolution of a marriage as access to your children.  Our Maryland and D.C. child visitation attorneys protect your visitation rights when custody is awarded to the other parent.  It’s normally in the best interests of the children to ensure that both parents remain heavily involved in their lives. The court has the right to determine visitation arrangements during the child custody proceedings.  However, your child visitation attorney plays a very important role in the process. Whether you need an attorney for the initial visitation ruling, or someone to represent your interests when the other parent is pursuing out of state child relocation, you will need a custody attorney with experience in Maryland or D.C.

Establishing visitation rights is an important component of any custody proceeding.  As a parent, you have legal rights to visitation with your child. The details of those visitation rights are dependent on a variety of components.  As your child visitation attorney, we diligently work on your behalf to ensure you receive fair and adequate access to your children. Much of the determination is based upon your past and current behavior.  The court will carefully consider your past actions and behavior during the separation as it relates to the health and welfare of the children. The opposing attorney will often work to impugn your reputation and position your behavior as unacceptable, whether true or not.  Your attorney must have the experience to help you navigate through this critical time. Since we only practice family law, we will guide you through the entire process including advising on acceptable behavior during the divorce. Our attorneys are well versed in courtroom tactics and at controlling the evidence.  We will fight to help establish reasonable visitation rights for you in Maryland and D.C. Our firm has over 60 years of experience in the resolution of child visitation and custody issues. We can put that experience into action for your sake and for the welfare of your children.

Child Relocation

Often, in a divorce or in the years after a divorce, the parent with primary custody relocates to a new state, and sometimes, a different country. Under Maryland law, this sort of move is constitutionally permitted. However, the primary concern is the welfare of the children. There are many instances where such a move is not in the child’s best interest.  Structural differences in the new area, history, family ties, and impact of the move can all be considered by the court to block the move of a child. Our attorneys understand the intricacies of these proceedings and can help build and argue a case on your behalf.  We have helped guide many clients through child relocation and are prepared to dedicate our resources for your behalf.

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