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In an ideal world, divorce litigation would be unnecessary. The parties involved in the divorce would be able to reach a settlement agreement as a result of civil negotiations and/or through mediation. However, this is not always how things work out. Sometimes litigation is necessary, and the only way to bring the divorce process to a close. If you are facing litigation in an upcoming family law matter, Brodsky, Renehan, Pearlstein & Bouquet’s attorney are experienced and willing to work to represent your best interests.

A Complicated Task

When two people decide to separate, there is often a lot to untangle. In addition to the emotional challenges that come with divorce, simply pulling two lives apart from a financial perspective can be difficult. Of course, this gets only more difficult when children are in the picture. Between child custody issues and financial matters, including but not limited to alimony, child support and the division of property, it is easy to see why many couples are unable to come to a settlement on their own.

Thinking Big Picture

Sometimes the stress of going through a divorce makes a client inclined to accept a settlement offer which is not in his or her best interest just to get the process over with. Don’t make that mistake. If you can force yourself to think about the big picture rather than just the short-term, you will see that there is a lot left to fight for. If you take an unfair settlement now, you will likely regret it later.

The experienced family law attorneys at Brodsky, Renehan, Pearlstein & Bouquet will make sure you are fairly represented throughout the divorce process, including during litigation. We will fight for you, and we will consider your long-term future when providing advice. The knowledge and experience that a quality family law firm can bring to the table should not be overlooked.

No one looks forward to going through litigation, but it is unavoidable in some cases. If a settlement is simply not going to happen in your divorce case, retain proper counsel right away so you can come away from litigation with a fair result.

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