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Alimony Modification, Extension and Termination in Maryland

Alimony may remain a source of legal involvement even once the divorce is finalized. It is often contested or, when circumstances change, is subject to modification actions. Understand what can be the basis for a change in alimony in Maryland.

Limited Appearances Now Permitted in MD Family Law Representation

In the past, hiring a Maryland family law attorney was pretty much all or nothing. Court rules prohibited representing a client in a limited capacity. Now, Maryland has changed its rules to allow for limited representation which can reduce the financial burden associated with legal fees.

Same-Sex Marriage: Financial & Legal Issues to Address

The U.S. Supreme Court recently legalized marriage equality in the case Obergefell v. Hodges so all 50 states can now perform and recognize same-sex marriages. But what does this mean in terms of family law? Like any other couple, same-sex couples must address the legal and financial issues that come with marriage.

Choosing Your Divorce Lawyer: A 9 Point Checklist

Selecting a divorce lawyer is a very important decision. After all, this person will chart your strategy and help guide you through one of the more difficult periods of life. Too often however, the high drama of the moment prompts a rushed or impulsive decision that you can later come to regret. Before you sign that representation agreement step back, breathe, and consider these nine factors.

Marital Property and Hidden Assets: What Should You Do?

At Brodsky Renehan we represent a lot of business owners and high net worth individuals in their divorce. We often encounter cases that involve accusations of hidden assets. If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, what should you do?

Military & Government Employee Divorce

Does our representation vary for a police officer versus a private sector employee like a business owner? Are there special requirements for civil servants? Are there unique challenges?