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What To Expect During Your First Meeting With A Family Law Attorney

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Your First Meeting with a Potential Family Law Attorney

No matter what prompts you to seek the services of a family law attorney, it’s completely normal to feel some anxiety. Almost certainly you will have many questions and concerns. You may even feel overwhelmed. That’s why finding a skilled family law attorney with whom you feel comfortable is the first step to making the process more manageable and ultimately more productive.

Your Initial Consultation

Typically, your first meeting with a family law attorney is for an Initial Consultation. Much of what happens during this consultation depends on your personal situation and where you are in the divorce process. Some prospective clients are merely seeking advice about a potential separation, divorce, or child custody matter. Some may be parting amicably and working collaboratively with their partners in the best interest of all concerned. More contentious situations involving custody, finances, or other volatile issues, will demand more guidance and direction.

At BRP, we are dedicated solely to family law representation in the Maryland and Washington, DC areas. Our systems, personnel, and resources have been tailored and developed exclusively for the practice of family law including divorce, child support, custody, property distribution, tracing of assets, separation agreements, alimony, and other related issues. From our experienced attorneys to the paralegal staff, our entire team is focused on providing you with the highest quality of service and representation. We are proud to have earned the reputation as a litigation team that is prepared to fight for your best interests.

Like most attorneys, BRP charges a fee for your initial consultation. We believe that the fee we charge represents an excellent value for prospective clients considering the time, expertise, and experience we invest in this initial meeting on your behalf and the questions you have answered.

What is the Purpose of the Initial Consultation?

The primary purpose of the Initial Consultation is for you to meet and decide whether you want to work with an attorney, and for the attorney to determine whether they desire to take your case. Be prepared for your potential attorney to ask detailed questions, to which you need to give thorough, honest answers. During the Initial Consultation, your potential attorney will also explain how you would go about securing their services, including any retainer or other costs required to move forward.

Do I Need to Do Anything in Advance?

Some clients find it helpful to make a list of questions to discuss at this initial consultation, but you do not need to. As skilled family law attorneys, it is our responsibility to guide the conversation. We will ask you questions and listen carefully to your answers. We’ll talk through the situation, gather information, and evaluate your potential case. You will have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics that pertain to your case and our potential working arrangement. Don’t hesitate to ask about the attorney’s relevant experience, the cost of services, and any other questions you may have.

Always bring any court-paperwork with you, such as current orders, notices of hearings or trials, pleadings that have been served on you or that you have filed, and communications sent to you from the other party’s attorney. Other documents such as pay stubs, tax returns, and pre-nuptial agreements are helpful but not necessary at the initial consultation.

Any life transition can be difficult, and family law matters can be among the most challenging of all. Having a skilled attorney who is experienced in family law matters and thoroughly familiar with your case is one of the wisest things you can do, and well worth the investment in your initial consultation.

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